Oral Diagnosis and Radiology

Dentistry is a field which studies illnesses, anomalies and developmental defects of oral, dental, gingival and peripheral tissues and which creates treatment plans in accordance with the patient complaints. In addition to face-to-face treatment in oral diagnosis, 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional radiographies and various laboratory tests are benefited from. It is not sufficient to conduct the first treatment with a single doctor. It is necessary to work with specialized doctors from different branches and to take opinions of doctors from various medical fields, if needed. True diagnosis is the most significant step towards treatment.

In our clinics, we benefit from various extraoral and oral radiography techniques:

Periapical Radiography

It is a radiography technique in which several teeth can be observed together and frequently used in root canal treatment applications. Dürr Periapical Radiography and Phosphor Plate Devices are used in our clinics.

Panoramic Radiography

It is 2 dimensional radiography in which all teeth, adjacent anatomical formations and temporomandibular joint are observed together. In case no adverse situations occur, this type of radiography is applied to all patients during the first treatment.

Genoray Panoramic Radiography devices are used in our clinics.

Cephalometric Radiography

It is 2 dimensional radiography of skull in profile. It is used with orthodontic patients in order to examine the relationships between mandible and maxilla, of both with skull and of frontal-rear sides of teeth.

Dimensional and angular measurements are carried out with care on radiography obtained via Cephalometric Analysis Program and treatment planning is shaped in accordance with this.

Dolphin Cephalometric Analysis Program is used in our clinics.

Wrist Radiography

It is a 2 dimensional radiography used for measuring skeletal development period of patients whose growth development continues.

PA Radiography

It is 2 dimensional frontal radiography of skull. It is a 2 dimensional radiography which is generally applied to orthodontic patients in case skeletal asymmetry or maxillary stenosis is doubted.

Genoray Cephalometric, Wrist and PA Radiography devices are used in our clinics.

Local Computer Assisted Volumetric Tomography

It is a radiography which is taken from various areas of mandible and maxilla. It provides sectional views of jawbones and of tooth and adjacent anatomic formations from various angles. It is generally taken from patients to whom implant treatment and surgical intervention are to be applied.

Genoray Local 3 Dimensional Computer Assisted Volumetric Tomography device is used in our clinics.

Points to Take into Consideration about Radiography:

  • Radiography is a must for true diagnosis and treatment but should not be overused.
  • Radiography devices which release the least possible radiation level should be used.
  • Control and measurement of radiography devices should be conducted by TAEK and current control certificates should be obtained for devices.
  • Lead vest should be used especially for Panoramic, Cephalometric and 3 Dimensional radiographies.
  • Radiography should not be applied to pregnant or to suspected pregnancy cases.