Dental Treatment and Endodontics

Dental treatment is the restoration of decayed or traumatic partial loss of teeth with current adhesive systems after decayed tissues are cleaned, if any. In case loss is excessive, aforementioned indirect restorations such as laminate veneer, inlay, onlay and overlay can be applied.

Except for decays, adhesive system aesthetic fillings can be applied in case of form or color defects or partial loss due to excessive Fluor or antibiotics, or in case of gaps between teeth which are called “diastema” and thus aesthetic results can be obtained. In case adhesive fillings are not sufficient, Laminate Veneers are used.

Generally, restoration is not sufficient and root canal treatment is required in advanced decays. Teeth can be single, double or triple or more than triple canalled. Each canal should be cleaned and then filled with canal filling material. Difficulty level and duration of the process differ according to canal number of tooth and form and length of canals. Also, the number of séances changes in accordance with whether dental nerves are vital or necrosis. In necrosis, in other words, when nerves within canals are dead and canals and inner walls are infected with microorganisms, the walls should be scraped and cleaned and only then canal filling should be applied. For this reason, canal filling process can take up to 2-3 weeks.

The crown of teeth which underwent root canal treatment should also be restored. In accordance with the volume of loss; the best option should be preferred among adhesive restoration, indirect restoration, and canal post and porcelain crown applications.