About Us

We are a family and always with you.

The establishment of Okutan Diş dates back to the first clinic opened in Eyüp by Rıza Bülent Okutan and Nalan Okutan.

Both dentists, the Okutan family cure their patients with great devotion and care in the same clinic approximately for 30 years.

The satisfaction and permanency of cured patients help the family’s growing individuals to lose their hearts to dental health and the children of this family are graduated from Dentistry department.

The growing family and the growing patient portfolio prompted the Okutan family to open their first clinic and the first clinic is opened in Eyüp, in 2010.

In 2015, Okutan Diş stepped into a great transformation and having opened the first A class certificated polyclinic in Halkalı, has carried the investment in dental health to the highest level.

The fundamental principles of the Okutan family, patient satisfaction and service quality, are still abided by in all the polyclinics, and healthy smiles of our patients continue to make us happy.

For that reason;

Our values

  • We place sterilization and prevention of contagious illness risks at the top of our work,
  • We provide reliable and quality service combining today’s technology with our experience gained since 1984,
  • We provide service with an experienced, improvement-oriented, novelty seeker young and cheerful staff,
  • We think it best to cure each illness with experienced in-field-doctors and to work with a staff in accordance with this principle,
  • We provide various treatment options considering all probabilities with collaborative works of various doctors,
  • We procure domestic and foreign medical equipment and offer the best for the need,
  • We work with various laboratories all specialized in their fields.

Okutan Family



Nalan Okutan



DDS PhD Orthodontist



Rümeysa OKUTAN

DDS PhD Orthodontist